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I hope this journey through my website has given you an insight as to who I am ... Just an old 70's kid who is as crazy about art now as I was 50 years ago. I created this blog/website to not only keep in touch with all the great people I have met along the way, but also give you an idea of what I can do and the enthusiasm I have for our craft. I hope to make up for all the time I lost and keep growing and expanding into many different realms. Building websites, creating lots of art and being an evangelist for all disciples of ink, Copic, raster and vector artistry.

I would appreciate the opportunity to work for you or your organization. The post-virus world will be a different one, and I will use this opportunity to follow my heart and create. I would like to collaborate on projects and be a part of helping your brand grow or maybe you just want a picture of the Duster 340 you had in 1975. I have gotten many requests for t-shirts, I will be exploring that and all possibilites. Please contact me with ideas or just to talk about art! I love checking out new artists as well as talking about technique, the daze of old, or whatever! Put your thoughts in the box, hit send!

I would never take on a project that is outside my envelope of talent. I know my strengths as well as my weakness's. If I am not fully confident with what I might bring to your project, or there is an artist more appropriate for what you are trying to achieve, I have no reservations about saying so.

In closing, it sincerely means a lot to me that you spent time on my page. Hopefully you will be inspired by something I've done or any of the other artists written about within. Take care, and have a great day ☮

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